The Push for Harry in the Hall Continues

The popular movement to help get Harry Nilsson into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is now running on all cylinders. The anthem has been recorded …

and Everybody’s Talkin’ about it ….




Thanks to all that have supported the effort! Next year in Cleveland ….

3 thoughts on “The Push for Harry in the Hall Continues”

  1. I was listening to Nilsson Schmilisson in my car when I turned to NPR for the news and heard about your movement. Count me in! Count my brother in and my 14-year-old daughter as well! There has never been a greater voice or more eclectic personality in the history of rock ‘n’ roll who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame more than Harry.

  2. Met Harry in 1968, working on Otto Preminger film, sat with him while he fooled around on the piano and he used to visit the design office where I worked. Really nice guy, creative and smart, he deserves the accolades.

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